A Franc Here & A Franc There…

Lugano, Switzerland We ventured just outside the Italian border on our third day in paradise, traveling to Lugano, Switzerland. This is only an hour by fast train from Milan.  Stepping off the train, the initial feel of Lugano is very Italian, and it’s clear by the high number of ultra luxury cars on the roads in this town, this region, is upscale.        The train station was conveniently located in the center of town. The well-marked walkway at [...]

24 Hours in Milan

Arriving in the late afternoon in Milan has its advantage and disadvantage; there is far more traffic than one would like after a long traveling day from the USA, yet after settling in at the hotel and taking a seat at the roof top patio restaurant, the bonus view in the late afternoon/early evening is hard to beat! We were not prepared for the awesome view from the top of the Boscolo Milano Hotel.  In the distance, the Milan Doumo [...]

Our Love Affair with Beautiful Lake Como, Italy

Where has a year gone since our amazing trip to Italy in June of 2014?  I'll be sharing our love affair with Italy in the next several posts.  Enjoy! I couldn't imagine a better place to spend my 25th wedding anniversary than in the beautiful region of Lake Como.  My husband Don, and I, visited several towns that line the lake; Varenna, Bellagio, and the actual town of Como. The lake is one of the largest we have ever visited [...]

In Vino Veritas at Viva Vino Wine & Tapas Bar

Sometimes there is an immediate and organic appreciation for the marriage between wine and food.  A city trying to make its mark on the culinary map in Southern California is Temecula, located just about a hour drive from the major tourism hubs of San Diego, Orange County, and Palm Springs.  With its new restaurant offerings, experienced and up-and-coming chefs, Temecula now offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy and develop an appreciation for wine and food through various pairing  dinners available [...]

Travel Beginnings…

Welcome to my Never Enough Travel Blog. Travel Beginnings The desire to travel flows through my veins. As a kid, I would pick up used National Geographic magazines for a dime at garage sales until my mom eventually sprung for an ongoing yearlong subscription. Flipping through the pages of this world travel magazine fed my inherent Sagittarius adventuresome and allowed for exploration of what life had to offer beyond my own four walls. Travel started young when my family often [...]