Fresh Pasta in 7 Easy Steps

In Italy, there is saying, “Buon cibo, buon vino, buoni amici”, which translates to "Good food, good wine, good friends;" a perfect description for a night of fresh pasta making. One thing for sure, when you experience fresh handmade pasta, nothing will ever substitute for the taste, texture, and pureness of this Italian staple. I learned this truth a few years back while visiting Florence, Italy, where I tried my hand with fresh pasta making at Giovanni’s Food & Wine [...]

Magical Venice

We arrived in Venice when the lights of the night were in full force and never considered the evening could rival the day for beauty in this amazing city.  A waterbus ride confirmed a palatable magic along the shimmering waterway of the Grand Canal and offered views of several highlights on the main channel. The next day we found ourselves wandering Venice for over 10 hours. It's easy to do, as there were bridges beckoning to be crossed, alleyways to [...]

24 Hours in Florence is Simply: Not. Enough. Time.

What can be accomplished in 24 hours? A lot if you choose to “do" instead of sleep! We arrived early evening in Florence, dropped the suitcases in our room and hightailed it out of the hotel toward the city center. Given we had been to Florence a few years ago, we knew the area well enough to get to the beautiful Arno River from our hotel and then take a very quick walk around the town to see the Ponte [...]

Cinque Terre, Let Me Count the Ways…

When I mentioned to friends I was planning a trip to Italy, just about everyone who had previously been to Italy uttered the words, Cinque Terre. I did some research on Cinque Terra UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the region looked amazing! Quaint villages (in Italian, Cinque Terre translates to "5 Lands"), beautiful crystal clear blue  water, beaches, and a national park offering unique hiking trails…it all looked totally worth adding to the travel itinerary. La Spezia, a working man’s [...]

Foodie Our Way to Colorado and Back

We headed to Denver, Colorado for a wedding reception in honor of my daughter and new husband, who recently married in Southern California Wine Country. It’s a new norm now for my husband and I to road trip without kids. It signals a return to a lifestyle we had before kids, yet the many memories and experiences with our daughters in tow, as we traveled the world, will never quite be the same and will definitely be missed. A big [...]

Sorry Trader Joe’s…Modena Simply Has You on the Balsamic!

MODENA   We said goodbye to the wonderful and magical city of Milan and headed south towards Modena. With a dose of trepidation, we rented a car, which proved to be an e-ticket ride to thrills, near spills, and excitement. Actually it was C R A Z Y. No offense to anyone reading this who is of Italian decent, but the drivers in this region are insane! To be fair, it’s likely there is some blog being posted at the same [...]