5 Things to Consider When Planning Multigenerational Family Travel

  Although I do not remember my first trip, I was told it was on a TWA Airlines transcontinental flight in the late 1950’s from New Jersey to sunny Southern California. This was a time known as the Golden Age of Flying, where passengers actually dressed up for a flight. I likely was dressed in pajamas.  This was my family’s first multi-generational trip, with my parents, siblings, and grandmother joining me on the plane. Throughout my childhood, memories of family [...]

Rediscovering Puerto Vallarta

At the beginning of each year my husband and I start a conversation on what part of the world we will explore for our anniversary.  There is always a negotiation between us where we should visit and in the past, it is somewhere in the world we have never been.  This year we mixed it up and both agreed to rediscover Puerto Vallarta, a place we first visited in the late 80's. We selected the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta as [...]

Mexico Revisited

Billowing clouds follow the plane en route to Puerto Vallarta. It’s my second trip to this city; the first being my honeymoon 28 years ago where my husband and I also enjoyed the city of Ixtapa.  As we get closer to landing I reminisce about Ixtapa, specifically an experience I can recall vividly 28 years later. pc: TripAdvisor While in Ixtapa we took a day trip to Isla Ixtapa, a tiny island off shore.  An available panga at [...]

A Single White Meaningful Rose In New York City

Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, bagels, and The City That Never Sleeps. These are some of what iconic New York City has always been known for, and on September 11, 2001, the city added The Worst Terrorist Attack the World Had Ever Seen to its status.  The city didn't ask for the designation and to this day refuses to be defined by it. There is growth and renewal at Ground Zero, with the exciting and incredibly amazing architectural wonder, the new [...]

Mother Earth’s Sacred Ground…The Colorful Antelope Canyons

The Antelope Canyons in Northern Arizona have been on my bucket list ever since  I saw unbelievably gorgeous pictures of the canyons several years ago. Wiping the canyons off my list had not happened, until now. The plan was in place...pick up my husband, who was working in Las Vegas and my daughter, who was also there seeing the Backstreet Boys (yes, they are still performing and I was told it was an amazing concert), and continue on to Page, Arizona, [...]

The Iconic Ladurée Comes To Town

The first time I set eyes on a Ladurée pâtisserie was in Paris, on the bustling Avenue des Champs-Élysées. It was a warm summer afternoon with my family in tow and we were ready to get out of the heat and into the pâtisserie to enjoy Ladurée’s famed macarons. The Paris Ladurée, with its signature celadon green paint and ornate gold accents, was as stunning outside as it was inside.  The furnishings were exquisitely Parisian and expansive rows of pastries and magnifique [...]