Fresh Pasta in 7 Easy Steps

In Italy, there is saying, “Buon cibo, buon vino, buoni amici”, which translates to "Good food, good wine, good friends;" a perfect description for a night of fresh pasta making. One thing for sure, when you experience fresh handmade pasta, nothing will ever substitute for the taste, texture, and pureness of this Italian staple. I [...]

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24 Hours in Florence is Simply: Not. Enough. Time.

What can be accomplished in 24 hours? A lot if you choose to “do" instead of sleep! We arrived early evening in Florence, dropped the suitcases in our room and hightailed it out of the hotel toward the city center. Given we had been to Florence a few years ago, we knew the area well [...]

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Cinque Terre, Let Me Count the Ways…

When I mentioned to friends I was planning a trip to Italy, just about everyone who had previously been to Italy uttered the words, Cinque Terre. I did some research on Cinque Terra UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the region looked amazing! Quaint villages (in Italian, Cinque Terre translates to "5 Lands"), beautiful crystal clear [...]

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Foodie Our Way to Colorado and Back

We headed to Denver, Colorado for a wedding reception in honor of my daughter and new husband, who recently married in Southern California Wine Country. It’s a new norm now for my husband and I to road trip without kids. It signals a return to a lifestyle we had before kids, yet the many memories [...]

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Sorry Trader Joe’s…Modena Simply Has You on the Balsamic!

MODENA   We said goodbye to the wonderful and magical city of Milan and headed south towards Modena. With a dose of trepidation, we rented a car, which proved to be an e-ticket ride to thrills, near spills, and excitement. Actually it was C R A Z Y. No offense to anyone reading this who is [...]

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A Franc Here & A Franc There…

Lugano, Switzerland We ventured just outside the Italian border on our third day in paradise, traveling to Lugano, Switzerland. This is only an hour by fast train from Milan.  Stepping off the train, the initial feel of Lugano is very Italian, and it’s clear by the high number of ultra luxury cars on the roads [...]

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Our Love Affair with Beautiful Lake Como, Italy

Where has a year gone since our amazing trip to Italy in June of 2014?  I'll be sharing our love affair with Italy in the next several posts.  Enjoy! I couldn't imagine a better place to spend my 25th wedding anniversary than in the beautiful region of Lake Como.  My husband Don, and I, visited [...]

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