A Coincidental Impact

New York City ©Jan M. Smith I often wonder if anyone actually reads the travel, food, and wine stories I write. With stiff competition to capture attention, and with over 2 million blogs (and countless other stories) posted each day, it’s no surprise the question of reaching and impacting an audience is on a writer’s [...]

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Revitalized Palm Springs Attracts Multi-Generational Visitors

It was the spring of 1975, and folded notes were being passed between classmates during high school homeroom announcing Palm Springs the destination for spring break. My brand new orange Honda Civic sped down the highway for a first-time visit to the desert oasis. I can still remember arriving at the Palm Springs Travelodge to [...]

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Active or Idle, Cruising Offers Best of Both on Sea Days

Princess Cruises Crown Princess in Aruba. pc: Jan M. Smith© When it’s time to plan a vacation, is the amount of activity or idle time part of the decision making? It is always at the forefront of my family as we determine our next getaway.  As the cruise experience has always been positive and pleasurable [...]

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How Travel Planner, Milk and Honey Travels, is Changing the Way Honeymoons are Being Planned

Surprise Honeymoon reveal gifts from Milk and Honey Travels pc Julia Fay Photos Could you or would you let someone else plan your honeymoon? If your answer is yes, would you let it be kept a surprise until the day you married and then reveal the location at the wedding reception? This is exactly what my [...]

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Pack for a Purpose Offers Inspired Travel

French novelist Marcel Proust is credited with saying, “The real voyage of discovery consists in not seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Ever since my children were old enough to understand, they were exposed to travel which opened their eyes to the people, cultures and societies of the global community. Our family travel [...]

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The Wine, Food and Vibe of Paso Robles Wine Region

Wine country getaways are one of the best ways to spend a weekend together with friends and family. Finding a location with a combination of fantastic wine, food, and vibe is a bonus.  Paso Robles in Central California offers all of this and more. Paso Robles is an easy five-hour drive from the Temecula Valley, [...]

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5 Things to Consider When Planning Multigenerational Family Travel

  Although I do not remember my first trip, I was told it was on a TWA Airlines transcontinental flight in the late 1950’s from New Jersey to sunny Southern California. This was a time known as the Golden Age of Flying, where passengers actually dressed up for a flight. I likely was dressed in [...]

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A Single White Meaningful Rose In New York City

Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, bagels, and The City That Never Sleeps. These are some of what iconic New York City has always been known for, and on September 11, 2001, the city added The Worst Terrorist Attack the World Had Ever Seen to its status.  The city didn't ask for the designation and to this [...]

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