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Mother Earth’s Sacred Ground…The Colorful Antelope Canyons

The Antelope Canyons in Northern Arizona have been on my bucket list ever since  I saw unbelievably gorgeous pictures of the canyons several years ago. Wiping the canyons off my list had not happened, until now. The plan was in place...pick up my husband, who was working in Las Vegas and my daughter, who was [...]

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The Iconic Ladurée Comes To Town

The first time I set eyes on a Ladurée pâtisserie was in Paris, on the bustling Avenue des Champs-Élysées. It was a warm summer afternoon with my family in tow and we were ready to get out of the heat and into the pâtisserie to enjoy Ladurée’s famed macarons. The Paris Ladurée, with its signature celadon [...]

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Food, Falls, Stalls, and Fun…A Short Visit to Portland

‎ I only had to ponder the question to join my husband for a quick day and a half turnaround trip to Portland, Oregon for a moment; the answer was an easy yes! I have yet to visit this city, and my nagging wanderlust is itching to go! The nonstop flight from Southern California takes [...]

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Uno, Dos, Tres ~ 3 Reasons To Visit the Valle de Guadalupe Wine Region

Something has been missing the past five years from my local travel adventures…Baja.  A recent visit to Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region near Ensenada, cured the gap. What a sense of discovery!  The Valle, as referred by locals, is truly maturing, from a tourism perspective, especially with 90+ wineries and 50+ restaurants in the [...]

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Chocoholics Beware!

I often think the most fun discoveries are those that are unexpected!  I happened to stumble upon a brand new fine chocolate boutique, Belgium’s Finest, which recently opened in the historic Old Town district of Temecula, California. A peer through the window, and a first glance at the display cases filled with beautifully designed chocolate [...]

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Who Needs a Pool…An Alternative to Sunbathing in Palm Springs

The immediate thought that comes to mind for a visit to Palm Springs is a beautiful resort with azure blue pools and perfectly tanned bodies laying on perfectly positioned chaise lounges, right? I agree, but there are so many other things to enjoy besides a day at the pool when visiting this desert oasis. An [...]

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5 Unique Things To Do In Catalina

My first step on the ferry to travel from Newport Beach to Catalina triggers a song to start playing in my head…Twenty six miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me… The island remains a receptacle of memories from my childhood through adult years. It’s grown up in front of me, and I [...]

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A Stroll Down Memory Lane at The Original Los Angeles Farmers Market

  There's nothing sweeter than crossing an item off your Bucket List.  A recent visit to The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles allowed me to shorten mine. The first time I visited was back in the mid 60's, and I remember the trip from the San Fernando Valley on the 101 freeway with my siblings [...]

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There’s Wine In Them Thar Hills!

a    Sometimes, the most memorable experiences are those you simply wander upon. Such is the case on a recent visit to Nebraska where my family, struggling to come up with something to do, decided to get in the car and simply, wander. A ride down a two-lane country road stretching on forever past long [...]

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48 Hours in Santa Barbara- Get Going, Get Seeing and Get Doing

Santa Barbara holds the distinct honor of being named the American Riviera, and for good reason. With its gorgeous coastline, local wine region, Mediterranean architectural charm, expansive sandy beaches, world class lodging and dining, and overflowing bougainvillea, there is much to experience. It's a short two hour drive from Los Angeles and just about thirty minutes [...]

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